Support Groups & Additional Resources

Support Groups & Additional Resources

After a breast cancer diagnosis, access to emotional and supplementary support is also an important part of the treatment and healing process. In addition to the large team of oncologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons, nurses, counselors, nutritionists, and other medical personnel that work tirelessly to help treat breast cancer patients, patients and their personal caregivers can also look to the support and resources of organizations designed to take their many non-medical related needs into consideration.

Although it can be difficult to look beyond the initial breast cancer diagnosis and the potentially long and arduous road of treatment and healing ahead, studies have shown that taking care of emotional, spiritual, and mental needs during cancer treatment can help to relieve stress, and improve overall quality of life and treatment outcomes for patients and their families.
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Please listen to this audio clip from Tiffani, a young woman who discovered she had breast cancer while she was a 34-year-old, nursing mother. Thank you for sharing your experience with Dr. Khan, Dr. Silverstein and the entire team at Hoag Breast Care Center.

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“I’m a very small subset of breast cancer patients but I came here to Hoag after consulting with several different doctors all over the country and I just felt more comfortable with Dr. Khan and Dr. Silverstein and the oncologists and plastic surgeons they referred me to, Dr. VanderMolen and Dr. Savalia. They work as a team, they communicate very well, the nurse coordinators and everyone, I mean it was like having concierge service. They never made me feel other than the most important patient that they had… They saved my life and they also saved my self esteem.”

From counseling services and art therapy, to the very real concerns over how to pay for breast cancer treatment, even with insurance, managing an illness often requires a great deal of additional support. Below are some of the many statewide and national organizations that offer a wide range of cancer support services.

Breast Cancer Information and Support Resources

Hoag Breast Center – Newport Beach, CA

American Cancer Society

The American Society of Breast Surgeons and ASBrS Foundation

National Cancer Institute

Patient Advocate Foundation

Social Security Administration

Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation (financial assistance with prescription co-pays for qualifying patients)
866-316-PANF (7263)

Medicare (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

The Laurus Project

Department of Health and Human Services

Susan G. Komen

Memorial Sloan Kettering Virtual Programs (free online patient and caregiver support and education)


mbcn Metastatic Breast Cancer Network

Breast Cancer Resource Center – Santa Barbara, CA

The Pink Fund (short term financial assistance)
877-234-PINK (7465)

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